The book week continues with even more exciting things..!!

Students from grades 4 and 5 had a Skype conversation with Jorge Aguirre – author of ‘Giants beware’ and ‘Dragons beware’. Both the books are graphic novels and meant for young children. He writes for animated shows being aired on TV as well.  Jorge also spoke about his third book which hasn’t been published yet.. (And we are not going to spill the beans here! You will hear about it very soon..)

We would like to thank Jorge for talking to us. The students asked him many questions about his work and his journey to become an author. They were amazed to know that he began writing when Jorge was in grade 5 and his teacher inspired him the most. The students are now looking forward to reading his books. They will then tweet or write to him about what they thought about them. Jorge has also kindly agreed to read some stories written by the students. What better way to inspire the students to become better readers and writers! Thanks again, Jorge!